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Jardin Collection Set 3 Candles From Tipperary Crystal


This Jardin Collection Set 3 Candles gift boxed from Tipperary Crystal is a gorgeous thoughtful gift with three candles all with individual scents. The pack contains Lavender, Pear & Fresia & White Jasmine just the perfect gift!

Clean and relaxing, like a breath of fresh air. This candle oozes the comfort of freshly pressed linen with freshly cut Lavender placed on top. This scent creates an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation.

Pear & Freesia
The freshness of just-ripe pear will envelope your home with a comforting sense of Autumn wrapped in a bouquet of freesias. This scent is sure to create a luxuriously comforting atmosphere in any home.

White Jasmine
The first scent will transport you to a quaint English cottage with windows opening out to a sun-drenched garden filled with beautiful white jasmine. The Delicate scent of Jasmine will create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, while just-cut wild mint adds a dash of eccentricity to this beautiful bouquet.

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Tipperary Crystal